1. People desirous of participating in “The King’s Brain Aptitude Test”  should, prior to participation be registered through the website.
  2. The registration will enable participants to be able to log in and participate during the online aptitude test.
  3. The registration process will last for 19 days (Mon. 8th (00.01 am) – Fri. 26th July (11.59 pm), 2019).
  4. All the registered accounts will be scrutinized and any registered account that is suspicious will be disqualified from the context. Example of suspicion account includes duplicate registration etc.
  5. The aptitude test will constitute two phases (first and final phase).
  6. The first phase will be written on the 3rd of August, 2019.
  7. There will be approximately 50 questions for each phase and 35 minutes to attempt all.
  8. The aptitude test will constitute Objective and subjective questions.
  9. At the end of the quiz, only the top 20 participants will be qualified for the final phase.
  10. Names of the top 20 qualified participants for the first round will be announced by the Holy Father on 7th August 2019 during the Supreme Signature day.
  11. All participants should have access to a computer or smartphone with Internet connectivity in order to access the Aptitude Test page.
  12. In a situation where there is a tie, the criterion for selecting a winner will be the time taken to finish the examination. The candidate with the highest score in the minimum time shall stand selected.
  13. Make sure you have a good internet connection as the aptitude can ONLY be attempted ONCE.