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All Throne Leaders
Supervisory Christ Ambassadors
National/State Bishops
National/State Administrators
Members of respective Thrones

Beloved Brethren,

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
In the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Now and forevermore – Amen.


In line with the Holy Father’s mandate to the Throne Leaders, it has pleased the Heavenly Father to appoint a Central Coordinating Team, as well as Coordinators and Secretaries for the respective thrones to accomplish the Father’s mandate.

The under-listed brethren are to work strictly with their Throne Leaders who will give them direction on the assigned task. National and State Administrators are to liaise with the Throne Leaders and their
coordinators to render necessary support for the effective operation of
this divine assignment.


  1. His Grace Archbishop Mike Ntuk – Chairman (+2348063358550)
  2. Christ Ambassador Winifred Okafor – Secretary (+2348051713254)
  3. Christ Ambassador Katty Dokubo – Audit (+2348033372683)


  1. Throne of Sovereignty and Holiness

    Christ Ambassador Ekaette Akpabio – Coordinator

    Bishop-Elect Otoobong James – Secretary

  1. Throne of Power and Authority

    Bishop-Elect Wori E. Wori  –  Coordinator

    Bishop Elect Eric Iyango – Secretary

  1. Throne of Purity

    Christ Ambassador Barr. Justice Ahiakwo – Coordinator

    Bishop-Elect Ini-Mfon Edu – Secretary 

  2. Throne of Majesty and Honour

    His Grace Archbishop Dagogo Obene –   Coordinator

    Her Eminence Chimuanya Ukam   – Secretary

  1. Throne of Victory

    Christ Ambassador Ogar Osim  – Coordinator

    His Grace Archbishop Danny Digitemie – Secretary

  1. Throne of Love Divine

    Christ Ambassador Amah Williams – Coordinator

    Brother Samuel Unwanta  – Secretary 

  1. Throne of Grace

    Christ Ambassador Wilson Inam – Coordinator

    Christ Ambassador Azubuike Kenneth – Secretary

  1. Throne of Perfect Justice

    Christ Ambassador Joseph Edet – Coordinator

    Blessed Mother Ugomma Nyananyo
    +2348036425682 – Secretary

  1. Throne of Liberty

    Christ Ambassador Goodnews Samuel Peter – Coordinator

    SCS Precious Effiong – Secretary

  1. Throne of Praise

    Bishop Johnson Ikpeme – Coordinator

    Divine Vanguard Bassey Ekpeyong – Secretary 

  1. Throne of Dominion

    144,000 Virgin Mary Ankrah – Coordinator

    Christ Ambassador O.E. Umanah – Secretary

  1. Throne of Eternal Life

    DV Sylvester Eboigbe –  Coordinator

    Christ Ambassador Emmanuel Ekong – Secretary

Below are terms of reference for the coordinating team for your perusal and necessary action. Please kindly give this circular the widest publicity.

Let the immeasurable blessings of the Holy Father be upon you all for now and evermore- Amen.

Christ Ambassador Richard Effiong
Secretary, Heavenly Father IOC


  1. To liaise with all Throne Leaders to effectively manage the processes leading to the actualization of the divine assignment.
  2. To monitor the activities of the throne coordinators and secretaries to ensure strict compliance with the throne mandate.
  3. Audit/reconcile all documents and financial records before the final publication of the respective throne registers.
  4. Work closely with Throne leaders to coordinate activities of the thrones during the period of the events regarding, seating arrangements, accommodation, procession/carnival and the spiritual
    rites to be performed by each throne during the Great Day (Grand Finale).
  5. Ensure that all financial proceeds from this assignment are deposited in the designated account
  6. Ensure that all obligations and requirements of each throne as stipulated by the Father is strictly observed.

Christ Ambassador Richard Effiong
Secretary, Heavenly Father IOC


  1. The Throne Coordinators and Secretaries are to work directly and take instructions from the Throne leaders.
  2. You are expected to refer to the throne leaders on every aspect of this assignment before taken necessary action.
  3. Collaborate with National/State Administrators to get facilitators of the respective Thrones in the states and nations.
  4. Document information of all throne members in the respective thrones and produce a compendium (Chronicle of the Saints) which will be presented sacredly to the Holy Father on the Great Day.
  5. Reconcile all financial transactions with throne facilitators at all levels for onward submission to the central coordinating team.
  6. Work strictly with the documentation template provided by the Heavenly Father Event IOC for this assignment.
  7. Ensure that the respective throne members participate actively in all the Heavenly Father programmes.
  8. In collaboration with the Heavenly Father IOC and Throne Leaders, evolve strategies on how to mobilize respective throne members to participate in the Feast of Trumpets/Carnival Float and Procession on the Great Day (these activities will be carried out on throne basis).
  9. Assist throne leaders to effectively mobilize choirs of the respective thrones to participate actively during the Heavenly Father choral competition.
  10. Ensure that the approved throne t-shirts are compulsorily acquired for use during the carnival float by members of the respective thrones.
  11. Mobilize the respective throne members to provide a corporate gift for the Heavenly Father on the Night with the Guiding Star.
  12. Be responsible for the collection of proceeds from the accreditation process, Adult (age 13 and above)- N1,000 and Sabbath Children (age 0- 12)- N100.

Christ Ambassador Richard Effiong
Secretary, Heavenly Father IOC

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